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Vetebral Subluxations

In a healthy body, each function is controlled by a cascade of events, which are all controlled by our nervous system. A subluxation occurs when proper nerve function is disrupted. Subluxations can be diagnosed and treated by Chiropractic.

March 25, 2017 Veterbral Subulxation

Did you know that our bodies do not function separately for every mechanism or action? They are very connected and each body function is controlled by a cascade of events, and controlled by our nervous system.

As you can see from the Veterbral Subulxation and Nerve Chart, nerves travel throughout our whole body and connect and control every function we perform voluntarily or involuntarily.

If the joints in the spinal column are not moving at full potential or the muscles surrounding the joints are hypertonic, this could cause the nerve function and distribution is disrupted. This is what Chiropractors call a subluxation, and what we specialize in diagnosing and treating.

As you can see from the chart each spinal level innervates specific organs, muscles, ligaments, tendons, or body area. These subluxations can produce many symptoms depending on the location or nerve innervation involved.  This relationship of the spinal nerves exiting the vertebrae is directly affected by the Chiropractic Adjustment.   The chart demonstrates how a patient can suffer from mid back pain and irritable bowel syndrome, or neck pain and headaches.  Or how a lower thoracic subluxation may translate to bedwetting in your child.

The nervous system is present in each person from birth. It is a vital organ to sustaining a healthy life. Maintaining your nervous system is very important for you and your family, just like you maintain your teeth through regular dental cleanings, and your tires on your car though tire rotations. Chiropractic care is the best, safest and most clinically sound treatment to supporting a healthy nervous system and spine.

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For 6 months, I was dealing with a pain in my side that several doctor’s visits, expensive medical tests, and even another chiropractor had not been able to name or treat. I scheduled a regular chiropractic appointment with Dr. Vann and In 3 minutes, she relieved me of pain that several doctors had not been able to identify. I highly recommend Dr. Vann.

Dawnita Hall
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