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Graston Technique

This technique is effective when used by a Certified therapist.

March 29, 2017
Graston Technique is a specialized soft tissue manual therapy, utilizing stainless steel tools by a physician who has undergone specialized training to administer this specific technique.

The Graston technique specifically address soft tissue lesions and fascia adhesions. These lesions and adhesions can cause pain, a decrease in rage of motion, decrease in sensory motor firing, and functional deficiencies. When this technique is combined with specific chiropractic care and adjustments, as well as appropriate therapeutic exercises; the patient experiences a reduction in pain, improved function, and overall increase in enjoyment activities of daily living.


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For 6 months, I was dealing with a pain in my side that several doctor’s visits, expensive medical tests, and even another chiropractor had not been able to name or treat. I scheduled a regular chiropractic appointment with Dr. Vann and In 3 minutes, she relieved me of pain that several doctors had not been able to identify. I highly recommend Dr. Vann.

Dawnita Hall
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