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Enhance Your Physical Performance Through Chiropractic Care

February 14, 2019 Education | prevention

Can Chiropractic care help enhance physical performance and prevent injury? Utilizing things like joint manipulation, which includes both spinal manipulation and treatment of other joints, helps promote flexibility and decrease pain on movement.

This is especially useful for athletes or weekend warriors that are using repetitive motions during workouts. For example, runners use their knees repetitively, CrossFit athletes use their shoulders often to do moves like the rope and the tire flipping. Wouldn’t it be smarter to prevent injury instead of being injured and having to pause your activities until you recover?

Here are a few things that Chiropractic Can Do to Enhance Physical Performance:

1. As experts in the musculoskeletal system and body movement. Chiropractors know what optimum body function looks like. A chiropractor can perform gait and movement analysis to identify ways in which an athlete may be limiting his or her performance and help them correct any issues before they become an issue.

2. A chiropractor can help you improve balance and coordination in different ways. The most common, and most beneficial, way is by aligning and maintaining alignment of your musculoskeletal system properly. Muscles, bones and joints can fall slowly from alignment through everyday activities, regardless of gender, age, or physical activity. Restoring these parts to their proper alignment can also restore balance and coordination.

3. A lot of athletes and weekend warriors strive to maintain a healthy body. Some workouts can be hard on the knees, ankles, and other joints, making it hard to exercise and stay in shape. That’s why chiropractic care is a great idea to add any fitness or weight-loss routine. Chiropractic care can help alleviate chronic pain so you can exercise more often.

4. Before starting a new exercise program or sport, visit a chiropractor to determine what measures can be taken to prevent injury or enhance performance. Injury prevention is key and being able to address problems before even starting would be the best course of action.

Mentioned above are only a few reasons that you should seek out a qualified chiropractor to enhance your physical activity and avoid injury. Preventative maintenance works in many areas of life, shouldn’t your physical body receive better care than your car?

If you are in the Triangle area and looking to improve your athletic performance, or fix any issues that may be starting to cause problems, like stiffness or balance issues please feel free to reach out with any questions or set up a consultation.


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Thanks Dr. Vann and the entire team for getting me back to full-time work and normal activities. Everyone worked well together using a variety of treatments to get me back where I needed to be! Would definitely recommend! Thanks again!

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